Connectica Consult is a firm of individuals who have acquired years of experience from various accounting and consulting firms, notable among them the Big 4. Our experiences include Tax Advisory, Statutory Financial Audit and Business Development. We are your preferred Tax consultants and Financial Consultants in Accra,Ghana.

The policy of the company is that perfect service is always guaranteed since we believe in ensuring that all our clients get the best returns on the investment. We believe in adding value to uplift and improve upon the image of our clients in this competitive era.

At Connectica our focus is to support your business by providing you with sterling Tax, Financial and Business development services while you focus on your core business function

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In today's business world we are continually confronted with varying changes in the investment and general business environment not only on the local scene but also on a global scale.  Fiscal policies are in a constant state of flux. Liquidity crisis, new financial structures, open door policy to trade, corporate ownership and free-market economy are but a few of the major and constant changes in the business environment.  Business trends give rise to mergers and acquisitions, amalgamation of businesses, as well as re-organization of business structures and operations, to mention but a few.

The resultant tax and financial impact of these changes on your business will require attention.
Connectica can provide you with good accounting and tax services that will enable your business to remain financially sound and intact at all times.

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